Like having an Attitude presenter on your device.

Students love doing our online courses with all the flavours of an Attitude presentation. 

They are packed with videos, activities, quizzes and lesson plans that are engaging, informative, inclusive and inspiring. 

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“You get to know yourself better. I have never enjoyed school so much!"


I love the positivity and relatability. It's exactly what my students needed. 


Our courses


What's included?

  • Videos
  • Fun online activities
  • Quizzes and tests
  • Practical tools for well-being
  • Creative challenges
  • Teacher lesson plans
  • A certificate to show mum


Students can complete this course on their own on any device and track their progression as they journey through the courses. Can be completed entirely in one session or broken into sections that you return to later from where you left off. The content is designed to be engaging, intuitive and easy to use. 


We provide lesson plans for teachers to reinforce the key messages throughout the courses. These lesson plans are designed to be fun, interactive and easy to use in the class room. Teachers can choose to use the course as separate lessons of 15 minutes online work and 30 minutes class activities.
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reinforce the messages from the course

Includes lesson plans for teachers

Created with the help of teachers and designed to engage students with interactive activities and discussions that can be run in a class room setting.

Frequently asked questions

How does the course work?

Students log on to our online course on any device with internet access using a unique access code that is provided to your school.
The course is designed to be self-directed so students can progress through the course at their own pace.
They will watch videos, complete quizzes and be given some activities they can engage with away from a screen as well. 
Also upon completion all students will receive their own electronic certificate which proud mums can display on the fridge or post in the family group chat. ☺ 

How long does it take?

We estimate our courses engage students for up to 1 hour of solo learning to complete all sections.
It can be broken up into approximately shorter sections. We have also included lesson plans which teachers can use to reinforce the learning in class after each of the sections inside the course.

What are the benefits?

From our conversations with teachers around the country we have learnt that self-directed online resources can be very valuable and help take the pressure off teachers regardless of alert level. 

However the greatest benefit is for the students as the interactive course reinforces positive identity messages ideas taught in our programmes.

Our courses are tailored to encourage young people to make choices they’re proud of, and build their self-esteem through identifying strengths of themselves and others.

What if I encounter difficulties or technical problems?

We are available to assist with any problems just by contacting your usual presenter or emailing us at

We've been delivering programmes in schools since the 90s

an attitude programme

Helping guide young people through the adolescent years

Attitude programmes are designed to build confidence and prepare our rangatahi for the teen years. We explore the topics of self esteem, peer pressure, personalities, friendships, technology and puberty. Our online courses can be used stand-alone or to supplement the Attitude presentations and workshops in schools.


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